Friday 4 April 2014

Disable, Remove or Get Rid of Facebook Timeline Forever

Disable, Remove or Get Rid of Facebook Timeline Forever

Hi all users as we all know that 90% of facebook timeline users regret to have this. And this will open the door for hacker for exploiting them, means they claim to remove your timeline in few minutes but actually they are exploiting you in some extent like spamming, infecting and stealing your credentials and  force you to install some app or like their pages and at last they will give you excuse saying that "I'm not responsible for that", "I have tried my level best but..." or "this is impossible to do". But now it's over today we are here to tell you a easiest, simplest and most secure way to get rid of your facebook timeline without any spamming or losing your money.                        

Follw the steps below :

1. First of all start your favorite browser which you love the most. e.g. - Firefox

2. Go to

3. Scroll down  until you see something  like this :

4. Select the browser you're using now (It will automatically select your browser and start blinking).

5. Click on browser's logo to  install the required extension for it.

6. Now it will open a new tab and ask you to like their page (optional).

7. Congratulation !!! now your facebook timeline is  removed.

Note :- It won't actually remove your timeline but rather it'll make you feel like you don't have timeline.


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