Sunday 6 April 2014

Post Status Updates in Blue Color on Facebook

How to Post Status Updates in Blue Color on Facebook

Hi all users, bored of updating the post in the same black color and want to do something spicy ? then today I am here for you and going to tell you how to post your Status Updates in Blue Color. Sounds interesting isn't it ? so lets get started.

Just follow these steps !!!!

1. Go to and Login with your Credentials.

2. Now go to update status link and paste below code, and change the text saying YOUR TEXT HERE with your own text you want in blue color like.

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Your Text Here ]]

3. Now after you have done writing your tePost Status Updates in Blue Color on Facebookxt click on Post and Voila ! you will have your status in Blue Color which is dam ! awesome.

 4. So isn’t this amazing trick to make text Blue in color so enjoy impressing your friends on Facebook and do share this trick if they ask you how its done.

Normally Facebook doesn't allow you to update the status in blue color but this tweak will do it for you, the status that you'll update will be show as shown above (as we posted) in future we will post many other cool tricks for Facebook that you entertain you and fill some extra joy on your expressions. Till then stay tuned and tell us how we're doing :)


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