Friday 4 April 2014

How to DOX Somone ?

How to DOX Somone ?

Hi all users today we're here with a  quick and I think very simple tutorial on doxing. You’re probably thinking, “Okay, so basically it’s getting information from searching someone’s email on Google right?” in a sense yes, but there are actually easier ways to get someone’s information online, which you're going to learn on this tutorial . So lets get started.

Warning : This tutorial is for informational purposes only. I am not responsible if you use this information.

What you will need:

Basic Social Engineering skills

Before we start, I suggest using this for doxing. This will help keep things organized.







IP address:


Operating System:

Home Address:

Phone number:

Cell Phone number:



You can add more to this list if needed.

How to get IP address?

I suggest using

On this website, you enter your e-mail, and you get a set of links. Pick any link, copy and paste, and give the link to your slave saying something similar to this "LOL THIS IS HILARIOUS". Once clicked, the IP will be sent to your e-mail

If your slave has e-mailed you, you can get the IP from looking at the e-mail source. To look at the e-mail source for Windows Live users, right click on the message, and click 'View Message Source'. When you're looking at the source, look for this: 'Received: by' It will show you an IP address. This is the IP address of your slave.

If your slave has commented on your blog (wordpress or blogspot) you can view the IP address by looking in your comments.

Once you have the IP address of your slave, go to and enter the IP of your slave. You now have the location, zip code, state, country, ISP, and operating system. Fill all this in your notepad and keep going.

How to get e-mail?

If you do not have trust of your slave, Google the user and put @ at the end. Example: 'username' @. If the user has posted their e-mail on any website, it should come up and you can find his e-mail.

If you do have trust of your slave, make a new msn account(if you don't want them having your main msn), have him/her add you on msn. You now have the e-mail of your slave.


Put in the e-mail of your slave in Facebook search. If your slave uses Facebook, you can find out (at the minimum) their name. If your slave uses Facebook but does not protect their information, you can find out loads of information.

The PayPal Method:

When you have the e-mail of your slave, login to PayPal. Transfer .01 USD to the e-mail of your slave. When sent, you will have all of the information on the PayPal account. (Name, address, phone, etc.)

Tracing Photos:

If your slave has photos online, save the photo and go to a website named
On this website, upload the picture of your slave. When it is finished, you can find if this photo is uploaded on any other websites. You can also find out if the photo is fake.


If you have the name of your slave, it is possible you can find the address of your slave. I suggest using the following websites:

Using these websites you can also find out their phone.


If your slave has a website, put the website in
If the website owner does not use WHOIS Guard Protect, you can find out all information about him (name, phone, address, etc.)


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