Friday 21 March 2014

Abalams IP tracer

Abalams IP tracer

Hi all users, this tool is for tho's who are coming here wondering why my program is called Abalam's ISP Tracer. Well my username use to be Abalam. Duhh ! Any ways to all tho's people who are on this thread and are saying that this is stupid or that this is useless. Then dont download it and leave my thread. This did take some time to create believe it or not. I was told that this whole project was shit. And for awhile I thought so to I made this for fun. And then just kept messing with it trying to improve it.

Yes you can go on a site like whois, or some other site that gives isp information. But most sites don't have as much information as this one application.  Or as I told some one in this thread "Alot of sites dont have all the information this program has also its cool to just have the program and being able to just open it up in a second there is also times when people are having problems with there internet or internet running slow due to just the normal things people do with there computers that can be Internet steaming, Downloading a file / torrent I guess it just comes down to if you like a program over a internet page also in my opinion it looks cooler." I have been told this is use less 3 or 4 times but I have been told this is use full 10-20 times that's enough for me to keep this thread up.

It Shows This Info From IP :

Country Code
Currency Code
Region Code
City Code
Is Proxy
World Section
Capital City
Time Zone