Friday 4 April 2014

Difference Between IRC botNet and A Booter

Difference Between IRC botNet and A Booter

What is A Bot?

A Bot is a program that runs on a computer and giving information to the creator. Bots can be created by using a language such as C++ or vb..Today these languages are the common languages used to create Bots. After compiling a Bot we get a .exe file witch we call the Bot or it is the file we send to a slave.

What does A bot do?

Basically when a bot runs in a computer it can collect valuable information from the slave pc such as cd keys , passwords etc .And it can send these data to the creator of the bot.

What is a BotNet?

Bot creator make their bots to connect to a command control center, So the Bot creator can command their bots or can get data from bots through it .Basically we now use IRC , Booter or PHP (web Based) controls.

What is a Booter and a IRC BotNet?

IRC bots witch is the command method of bots are connected to a pre arranged irc channel. It is the same way as we chat on IRC .The creator connect to the channel and all the other bots witch ran on other slave pc's , they will connect to the same irc channel. When a bot connected to the irc channel the owner can command them through the irc channel and see their responses.

Owner : @login mypass
Bot : Password Accepted , Welcome !
Owner : @Uptime
Bot : 1 Day 00 Hours 00 Mins

Like that..

And booters do the same thing. But in a different way. A Booter is a software that a user can make a sever file. This sever file is the one we send to a slave. When we creating a sever file with the Booter we should enter a IP or a domain. If we just using it on our pc we create a no-ip account(refer : will be redirected to our IP.

If our IP is we get a no-ip account and make a host wich is redirected to our IP.So think we get a no-ip such as '' when we call this domain it will be redirected to '125.0.025' witch is our IP.

We enter this IP or the no-ip domain when we create the sever. And we also enter a Port .So the bot can connect to our computer through that port as when we use we open exactly the same port. We add a password and some other option may be very on witch Booter use. After everything we press the ‘Build’ Button then we will have our ‘sever.exe’ file witch we have to spread.

Then we open up the booter program and it should has a option to open the port witch we used when we creating the sever and we start listening to the port. So we will notice that bots starting to connect.And we can use these bots to do some things as ddosing or what ever the feature the Booter supports for.

Difference between a Booter and a IRC BotNet

Main difference is IRC bots connect to the IRC channel and others will connect to the booter. But it has more differences than that.

Advantages of IRC bots

Booters will allow you to use only limited features such as ddosing and keylogin.But IRC bots have lots of things than that. some IRC bots have 100’s of commands. And IRC bots can be easily updated. They can be used to ddos, keylog, stealing, spying etc. And they depends on the Bot you are using. The main advantage of the IRC bot is we can develop the source code and compile it as we need, Because of that IRC bots are getting smatter every moment.

Disadvantages of IRC bots

Basically it is hard to make a irc bot.You can make your own bots if you know VB or C++.And you need to have required software to compile the bot.So it is gonna be little hard. Anyway the main problem in IRC bots as I see it can be stolen. Someone can decrypt your bot and get channel , key etc and they will have the control your botnet ,At least you should have to encrypt strings.

Advantages of a Booter.

It can be setup easily. Actually less than 10 steps. If your booter is good enough you will get some nice features such as screen capturing and pay site keylogin. And what you have to do is only create the sever and make sure your port is open.. easy..And I don’t think someone will steal your bots..

Disadvantages of a booter.

Main thing is it still got low features than IRC bot.. But there will be more features adding to the booter,,But still it suxx (for me).

How ever you have to decide witch should you use.

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